Campus Wellness Walk

Our virtual ‘walk’ is filled with fresh, nutritious foods.  Visit some of the best places to eat and learn more about the healthier ways our Chefs deliver to you every day.  Get started!

Allergies or Intolerance?

Do you have a food allergy or intolerance? Dalhousie Food Services offers students free individual & confidential nutrition counseling with our Registered Dietitian, Carmen!

Please be advised that products prepared in our kitchen may have come into contact with common food allergens. Please direct any questions regarding an allergy or food ingredients to the Dining Hall Manager or the Executive Chef.

Common food allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, soy fish, wheat, eggs, shellfish/seafood, milk, sulfites, mustard

Healthy Plate

Wondering what a healthy, balanced plate looks like? Use our handy "Healthy Plate" graphic to guide your meal choices!

Healthy Plate - Food at Dal

Contact a Chef or Dietitian

Our chefs and dietitian help take the mystery out of healthy eating and are available to accommodate dietary needs in a personalized, sensitive manner.

Our in-house Registered Dietitian, Carmen Swain, is here to customize your dining experience. Do you have food allergies? Need some advice on how to eat healthy in a dining hall? Have a question about the food you see in the dining halls? We're here to help! Contact our on-site dietitian, Carmen Swain, RD at for general information.

*Please note: Our dietitian services are offered free of charge to on-campus Dalhousie Students.

  • Ideas from our Chefs and Dietitians
    Ideas from our Chefs and Dietitians
    More "feed your potential" tips, recipes and ideas from our chefs and dietitian.
  • Our Healthy for Life® Commitment
    Get the Good Stuff
    Look for the Get the Good Stuff™ logo in our participating locations for options that fit your needs!