Standard Hours 4/27 - 9/5

We are closed from 4/27 through 9/5.

Between meal times some stations are closed to prepare for the next meal.  These are our hours of limited service:

  • 10:00am  – 11:30am - Cereal, toast, bagels
  • 11am –Grill opens
  • 1:30-4:30 – Made to order grill, soup, salad, cereal, toast, bagels


Tiger's Choice   Dal Tiger

Craving a taste of home?  Have a favorite dish you want to see at the dining hall?  With Tiger's Choice, you become the chef!  It's simple, submit a recipe through our Tigers Choice form, and your dish may be featured in the dining hall.  


This program is designed to offer students on a residential meal plan a simple menu of takeout meals for when your busy schedule prevents you from being able to dine at meal times.   To place your order, pick up the form from your dining hall before 6pm the night before you plan to pick up your meal.  We will have it ready for you the next morning.



Door rates:

  • Breakfast - 7.82 plus tax
  • Lunch - 12.04 plus tax
  • Dinner - 16.20 plus tax

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