We provide the necessary information to help students manage their food allergies within our dining locations!
Dalhousie Food Services recognizes that about 7.5% of the population is affected by at least one food allergy. We know that students with allergies can experience a limited diet and spend more time and effort managing their allergies than students without food allergies. Hence, we make every effort to provide the information that students need to make an informed decision regarding their food choices at our dining locations. This includes providing menu ingredients and specific product ingredients whenever necessary and using appropriate dietary icons for each menu option.

Do you have food allergies or require a specified diet?

Students with food allergies or requiring specific diets due to a medical condition or religious/cultural limitation can book an appointment with our registered dietitian. Private consultations may include a tour of the dining locations to identify which foods are safe and, if necessary, a meeting with the chefs or other necessary managers so that you know who to contact with questions.

If you have special dietary needs, contact our registered dietitian via e-mail at Dietitian@dal.ca or schedule an Appointment.

Dietary/No-Gluten Fridges
Dalhousie Food Services provides a Dietary/No-Gluten Fridge in every one of our dining halls. These fridges are designed for students with Celiac Disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, gluten intolerance, dairy intolerance, or personal preferences. The fridge is intended to give students with gluten-free or lactose-free needs a safe place locate ingredients.